Our brain is responsible for the various perceptions and feelings we have. This applies to waking states of consciousness as well as for our dreams. Here I don`t want to go into the explanation of our sleep cycles and lucid dreams in general, but focus on presenting a new, very efficient technique to lucid dream.  It is probably the most efficient and only one for instant lucid dreams.
So let`s deal with the crucial issues for instant lucid dreaming experiences…

What happens on a physiological/neuronal level when you lucid dream?

EEG-recordings enable us to investigate brain activity in different situations and states of consciousness. I have linked the corresponding Wikipedia article describing the various types of brain waves.


However, to understand how Brainwave Entrainment works the following summary is sufficient:
During sleep the pattern of brain waves alternates between alpha, theta, delta and sometimes beta frequencies. When your brain switches form theta to alpha waves awakening is induced. In order to lucid dream the brain has to switch back quickly to the theta frequency. This is how you keep on dreaming and also keep the waking consciousness. You are conscious that you are dreaming and you have full control over your dream.


How to lucid dream?

The described switch between the frequencies of the brain waves is part of every technique for lucid dreaming. This same pattern can always be observed.
The most common techniques can be divided into DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) and WILD (Waking Induced Lucid Dream). With DILD you suddenly realize that you are dreaming during an ordinary dream by noticing that something is not normal. In practice, using DILD, you integrate RCs (Reality Checks) into your everyday life until they become so habitual that they are automatically carried out during your dreams, leading to the realization that you are dreaming.
WILD means going directly from waking state into the dream while keeping your waking consciousness. This works best when you wake up at night (preferably towards the morning when the dream phases are becoming longer) and then fall asleep again.


Both types can lead to success.
Unfortunately, in the most cases it takes weeks or months of practice to have your first lucid dream and unfortunately only very few reach a level of frequent and consistent lucid dreams. Another problem is the short duration of the lucid dreams.
Sometimes the fast switch from theta to alpha waves and back is accomplished but then the brain jumps back to the alpha frequency and fails to get back to theta quickly enough. This is when you realize you are dreaming and you have a couple of seconds of control over your dream until the waking consciousness becomes too strong and you wake up.
Other times it just stays in the theta frequency. You let go of your waking consciousness and slide back into an ordinary dream.
I don`t want to discourage anyone from trying the common techniques. I myself had some success after a period of intense training! Also some funny habits emerged based on the reality checks I used;) However, lucid dreams happened rarely to me and never lasted longer than about one minute.

Brainwave Entrainment

I now like to introduce a new method that brings along three concrete advantages:

1. you have lucid dreams immediately
2. the lucid dreams last long (up to the the complete dream phase)
3. you lucid dream frequently and consistently


With this technique an external stimulus induces the shifting brain wave activities necessary for lucid dreaming. This works in the following way: Specific sounds with different frequencies are listened to through headphones. The frequencies of the sounds are different on the left and on the right side. This difference between the sound frequencies is the same as the one between alpha and theta frequencies. The brain now adopts exactly this difference in frequency between the two sounds coming form the headphones. This makes it possible to affect the brain waves and thereby causes lucid dreams.
However, this does not mean that sounds take full control over the brain, but they influence it to adapt to certain frequencies that are crucial for lucid dreams. The dreamer himself thus has control over his dream and can also wake up anytime he likes. So you only need an mp3 player and the appropriate binaural beats to lucid dream. You get the mp3s in this shop as a download. This means you can start right now! They give a full 60 days money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the beats you get your money back without any problems. Therefore there is no risk and no reason not to try it and to start lucid dreaming right now.
The technique works best as a WILD after waking up at night. So place the mp3 player with the binaural beats next to your bed, maybe even set an alarm! Play the sounds, fall asleep, and lucid dream. Fortunately the sounds do not keep you from falling asleep. In fact they are rather helpful. That´s how to lucid dream. Have fun!


UPDATE: The Brainwave Entertainment Technology is changing fast! A huge innovation is the advancement of the beats. Now there are Isochronic Tones which change their frequencies very quickly, enhancing the brain´s synchronization with these sounds. This technique is advantageous as the same frequencies are listened to on both ears and no headphones are needed. Furthermore they seem to be even more effective than Binaural Beats. Of course this doesn´t reduce the efficiency of the established Binaural Beats and if you have had good experiences with them you should not feel obliged to test the other immediately.

You can find a very good supplier of Isochronic Sounds here . You will also get your money back if you are not happy with the lucid dream experience.